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Status update 3/24/11

2011 March 24

This year is nearly a quarter gone. Whoa. I have been busy, though. This evening I’ve done some work, gone to the Y, just gotten back and had dinner, and I see has obligingly posted some new episodes of my shows finally, so I would like to get back to unwinding with them, but first a brief update.

The cover design projects keep on coming, for which I am extremely grateful. I have two in the early stages, to turn in next week; five which have been turned in and are, at varying speeds, making their way to front cover design approval; and as per usual, several approved front covers awaiting back cover copy. This week I also whipped up a quick-and-dirty replacement illustration for a provided illo which, at the last second, proved to have usage right questions.

The startup logo project is still on hold, though I’ve been in touch with the client and it’s fine. In the early stages of what could turn into a big identity/website project, for another client.

And very busy with what I suppose I’ll break down and call “Project J.” (Sorry.) I can’t really go into details of this, and unlike Warren Ellis’ secret projects they would mostly be boring anyway. I wouldn’t even mention it at all except that, as hinted once or twice, I have been working on something cool which I will be able to share. Just not yet.

Meanwhile, cards and e-mails for Modern Alchemy’s fifth anniversary are in the process of going out this week, to past and current clients; the actual anniversary is less than two weeks away. As is a little trip to northern France, toward which I should be en route exactly fifteen days from right now. Ohmigawd.

It will be a busy weekend.

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