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Still-winter quick links, 3/6/11

2011 March 6

«Les neiges d’hier?» Or more specifically, of last night? They’re outside on the trees, sidewalks and cars, including mine which I’ll have to go brush off yet again before I can head up to the Y. In the meantime…

Cool animated infographic: watch a space station built!

Cool non-animated parody of information graphics.

Redesign trauma: Gawker loses blog format, loses 1/4 of site traffic.

Advertising quote of the week: “The Dinah Shore approach by itself doesn’t work anymore.”

Note to self: the next OS X upgrade will finally kill my beloved Eudora, as “Lion” apparently eliminates the “Rosetta” feature for PowerPC software. (I think that maybe I will actually go purchase OS X 10.6, here, just to maintain PowerPC software compatibility for a bit longer before it means being two OS versions behind; I actually have various programs still relying on Rosetta in addition to Eudora.)

And finally, while I can probably live the rest of my life quite contentedly without learning anything about “nerdcore rap,” if anything were to make me rethink that attitude it would probably be this poster for “Adam WarRock.” The incredible concentrated 90s-Marvel awesomeness of this graphic would probably have elicited “squeeee” noises from my 19 year old self, and even at 32 it still made my day.

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