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Upcoming events for April 2011

2011 March 4

The first half of April looks likely to be a bit of an eventful time, for me.

As regular readers will know, I love anniversaries; on April 5, Modern Alchemy will be five years old.* I can’t believe I just typed that. There will be some celebration; I need to get on that ASAP. Stay tuned for announcements.

On April 8, AIGA Cleveland will host its annual student portfolio review, at which I have offered up my dubious opinions and wisdom since 2006. I just may take part in the very first review session of the day, depending on how stupid I am, but unfortunately I will definitely not be in attendance at the drink-up that evening, because…

Late that same afternoon I should be taking off from Cleveland-Hopkins (allegedly) International Airport for the first leg of a journey to France. From which I will not return until tax day (April 15). I’m sure that I’ll share some more information about this trip at some point, either before or after, but for now I’ll just say that I’m really looking forward to it and can’t believe that it is so close, either.

«Ou sont les neiges d’hier?» (Not that I really mind their absence so much, at this point en hiver, mind you.)

* Yes, last year I did say that March 31 was the anniversary. I just figured out why; Modern Alchemy’s articles of organization certificate is officially dated April 5, 2006… but there’s a header at the top which includes the date “3/31/2006.” I think from now on I’ll go with April 5, though; that seems like it’s really the “true” effective date. I’m just happy I found an explanation for the puzzling discrepancy.

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