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Super Bowl Sunday quick links 2011

2011 February 6

What are they going to do for the fiftieth Super Bowl? Will they really stick with roman numerals and promote “Super Bowl L,” as weird as that might look? An interesting typographic predicament. Meanwhile…

Must remember to go see this: M.C. Escher exhibit at Akron Museum of Art. Through May.

Meanwhile, it’s tempting to participate in the “Revenge of Print,” and try to produce one more issue of a certain creative journal I worked on a dozen years ago. Many other deserving projects want attention, though. We’ll see…

From the webmag Good which I’ve been visiting recently, “MoMA Acquires 23 Digital Typefaces.”

While Afro magazine earned “Magazine of the Week” honors for its remarkable print object features. Wild.

Another item at Good, about “indefinite words” visits the same territory which inspired me to open this poll; it’s still open so please participate.

And do check out the Euro Crime blog’s many posts featuring crime novel covers with similar, sometimes very similar, photography.

Finally I’ll throw this art-related link at you, mostly because it’s just amazing: ancient statues bombed to smithereens in WWII have been painstakingly restored. What a wonderful project, and what stupefying patience.

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