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Something for the weekend: links 9/14/12

2012 September 14

Nearly the midpoint of September, already. I don’t even know what to say. How about some links:

This is definitely the best link of the week: Monetary Policy Explained with Animated Gifs. It might not be a thing of beauty or great design sophistication, but this is some brilliant editorial design, certainly.

This might be runner-up: Honest logos for NFL teams. Painfully honest, of course, in the case of some locally-familiar teams. Ahem.

Speaking of logos, an examination of the afterlife of the WTC Towers in NYC-based business graphics.

Did you know that Comic Sans was apparently derived from Watchmen artist Dave Gibbons’ lettering? I didn’t either, until I saw this.

Finally, I’m neither a huge Warhol fan nor a foe, but this is certainly… interesting… and kind of cute in a post-post-modern way. I suspect Warhol would be amused. At least, if he got some money out of it.

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