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Rainy morning links 8/27/12

2012 August 27

It’s September in five days. And what have I been doing? What have I been doing all year, come to think of it?

I’ve not been gathering a lot of links, lately; it seems to be feast or famine. But I’ve got enough to make a post I think.

First, new Microsoft logo. I am reminded of a comment which Don Banks, I believe, made about a particularly generic-looking “throwback” uniform which one or other NFL team played in a year or two back: where did they get this design, Costco? I mean, I hope they didn’t pay more than $50 or $60 for this.

Meanwhile, over at the web site of Microsoft’s former rival, you can still examine the by-now-venerable movie trailer gallery (which, over the years, seems to have been reassigned from now-deprecated Quicktime to now-omnipresent iTunes). Every now and then, I get bored and stop by. Doing so the other day, however, what I found most striking was how incredibly formulaic nearly every movie “poster” graphic seems to be. This and this, just from the first page, is a particularly blatant example, but almost all of these seem so heavily-laden with movie-poster-design convention that they blur together with countless other movies of the past decade or so. I realize that there are a lot of things in this gallery, and they’re all more or less the same size and frame-shape, and from my cover design work I realize that there are limits to how different you can really be after a while, but still good lord. Even the lighting of the photography is nearly all the same. (If ever there were a crying need for otherwise-seemingly-unnecessary hipster app Instagram…)

One final thing, has this information graphic about oil extraction from tar sands, though I’ll be honest and confess that it isn’t especially novel or noteworthy; it does, however, provide me a slender excuse to link this related story which I believe is deserving of much attention.

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