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Odds and ends links 5/5/10

2010 May 5
by Matt

It’s funny how you can just find things to post about nearly every day for weeks, without even trying, then just hit a dry spell. Anywho, work continues on various projects… I’m somehow hesitant to say too much about some in-progress work, even though I’m not sure anyone would care. (I could start giving projects code names like Warren Ellis does, but then, he only did so after a good deal of reluctance.)

I’m also continuing to learn Flash and prepare demos, so naturally I’m ever-more thrilled at the escalating war between Steve Jobs and Adobe. Last week Jobs released a lengthy “why Flash sucks it” statement, published in full on Apple’s web site; various Adobe personnel responded in the days which followed.

I think The Steve makes some valid points, but the way he’s choosing to address what he sees as Flash shortcomings suggests, to me, that this is at least in part driven by some other beef with Adobe. Also, though this is a very strange comparison for me to draw, I couldn’t help being reminded of another executive’s notorious comment about Apple itself as I read Jobs’ advice to Adobe that, essentially, “the platform you’ve got so much invested in is a dead end; you should just write it off and get in step with the way the rest of the world is going (as I see it).”

A couple of other oddments: the fantastic redrawn map of Europe created by The Economist seems like it was almost created with me, specifically, in mind. (Me or the Strange Maps blog.) And finally a moment to observe the passing of Leslie Buck, designer of the New York’s iconic Grecian paper coffee cup. The Anthora, per its official name, was nominated as a graphic design “landmark” some years back by designer Scott Stowell, though any formal “protected status” for such things is, alas, to my knowledge still unrealized.

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