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Weekend Mega Links 3/13/10

2010 March 13

The Great Lakewood Pub Crawl Map has already drawn notice as well as some helpful additions; I’ve posted a revised version 1.1 for download.

On a related note, one of the featured links from this blog is the glorious “Strange Maps” site; hopefully you’re already a regular visitor but if not I’d like to make special note of one recent post: proportion of bars to grocery stores in America. (Depending on how you define “grocery store,” Lakewood has anywhere from a few to perhaps a dozen; either way nowhere close to the number of bars per even a limited definition of “bar.”)

Information design, 1: The BBC has designed a “treemap” of the top 100 web sites by unique visits in January. (Pause the mouse pointer over each square to see what it represents.)

Information design, 2: the Panic Status Board. I love “big board” displays like this, the way they evoke a nerve center of frenetic activity. (Via Warren Ellis.)

From, designer potholes. Which isn’t quite as wacky or frivolous as it sounds.

E-book watch: apparently publishers are reluctant to pass along to consumers the lower (i.e., essentially nonexistent) costs of “production” for digital books. Good thinking there, guys, I’m sure. One more reason for me to feel satisfied with good old ink and paper I guess.

Finally, since it’s the weekend, a bonus fun link: Bank of America sued for seizing parrot. You can’t make this stuff up, folks.

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