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First blossoms quick links 4/27/11

2011 April 27

And suddenly, after still-barren branches more than a month into “official” Spring, there it was this morning: color! Elmwood Avenue is suddenly a corridor lined with green once more. Of course this means that the allergy attack which has been thus-far mercifully delayed is probably approaching rapidly, now. I think I just felt my lungs constrict. (I wish I were kidding.) Let’s catch up on interesting news and notes from around the web without further delay. First up…

Sonuva—! Someone stole the city of Cleveland’s sole official monument to being the birthplace of Superman. Fortunately it can be replaced, this time with a corrected spelling, but come on, people! “It’s a bunch of savages in this town.”

I read this story and it was okay, though I’m not sure it really manages to add much “value” above and beyond the awesome title. But it’s still worth pointing to anything titled “The Creativity Killer: Group Discussions.”

Skepticism, 1: Yeah, “the cloud” isn’t a magic cure-all, it turns out. Go figure.

Skepticism, 2: Mark Evanier is actually pretty happy with his iPad, but did encounter a few questions and

A lot of iPad users are telling me of manuals I can download or about the user guide you can apparently find if you go into the Help screen in Safari. Okay, great. I wasn’t doubting there were manuals for the iPad. I just kinda thought it oughta come with one instead of me having to go on a scavenger hunt.

Software manuals, right. Actually you can still fine one or two, but for the most part the old rejoinder “RTFM” is no longer valid except in a figurative sense and, these days, techno-snottiness is much better expressed by “JFGI.” Remind me to do a retrospective on software manuals one of these days.

Here’s something cool: an appreciation of pinhole photography.

Heavy-reading commentaries about technological change.

Finally, apropos of nothing which I plan to acknowledge, this map of monarchy in the modern-day world is pretty neat all the same. Though if you set aside Canada, Australia and Greeland, which are barely even monarchies in the loosest sense, the remaining picture reminds me of a poignant chapter title near the end of Piers Brendon’s Decline and Fall of the British Empire: “Rocks and Islands.”

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