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Presidents’ Day 2011 quick links

2011 February 21

Hail to the chief. I guess. Design takes no holiday! (Blatantly untrue, but maybe I’m a little punchy lately.)

Across this future…

The world’s best-designed newspaper?

Frilly fonts get a modernist take. It says here.

Media-landscape infographics, part one: the 2010 Music Website Heat Map. FYI they do address the obvious “where am iTunes” question. Apparently YouTube is still Godzilla next to everything else, even if you included iTunes.

Media-landscape infographics, part two: Sean points to this crazy tour-de-force about television and mobile phones (not sure why those two) from Nielsen.

Book publishing and the future, part one: the booktwo blog posts some thought-provoking, if difficult to parse (for me at least), ruminations on “publishing experiences.”

Book publishing and the future, part two: “Ebooks: still a bloody mess,” per Warren Ellis.

Finally, farewell to a living legacy of Superman’s Cleveland; Joanne Siegel passed away last week at age 93.

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