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Quick Links 2/23/10

2010 February 23

Some quick links while waiting for the repairman to come back…

An interesting “map” of winter Olympic medal counts over the years at I’m thinking about doing my own medal graphic; this is certainly not an approach I would have thought of…

At author Warren Ellis’ blog (which is fascinating but not always safe for work, though I’ve direct linked this post which is adorable and harmless), a flourishy little infographic about sailing stones.

An interesting coda to anniversary reflections on Photoshop: “a leading mental health body yesterday called for warning symbols to accompany airbrushed pictures of models and celebrities to help combat eating disorders.” (There should probably just be a warning on everything these days, though, really.)

Bonus link for Clevelanders, or anyone getting regular pothole-dodging practice as winter drags on: the jetpatcher to the rescue?

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