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Sunday brunch quick links 1/23/11

2011 January 23

It’s never good when your car mechanic calls and describes a part having “melted,” is it? Really, who needs kids or pets when you have a car to keep healthy.

In the meantime, for your erudition and delight:

Product design: Starbucks’ new Trenta “offers more liquid than the average human stomach can hold. Factor in its diuretic and laxative properties and this is one terrifying beverage.”

Also in the food-and-drink category, map of U.S. showing state-related foods, mostly of interest as a starting point for arguments, probably. For example, fried food on a stick really belongs one state down in Iowa; anyone from the region asked to associate Minnesota and a food will instantly come up with lutefisk, trust me on this.

Art: the beautiful work of Shinichi Murayama.

I’ve been amazed at how much coverage has been devoted to The Steve taking another break from Apple (and appalled at the ignorance of one “expert” on NPR who referred multiple times to Steve Jobs returning to Apple in the 1980s; it was actually 1996). This was one commentary which I actually found interesting. Once more I can’t help recalling, with amusement, Bill Gates’ reported disbelief upon Jobs’ return to Apple, given that “he has to know he can never win.”

Information design: a student’s payment of his tuition with one-dollar bills seems like a remarkably effective way of representing an abstract number in compelling visual form.

While on the issue of “the kids are(?) alright,” reports on Generation Y’s tastes in homes and neighborhoods, and apparently, they pretty much want Lakewood, Ohio. Except without “formal living rooms,” whatever that means. (I mean… ah, never mind.)

Finally, the latest Comic Book Legends Revealed post includes this hilarious image explaining the MPAA’s ratings system; I assume from the typography and illustration style that this thing is at least 30 years old and it’s just a hoot. Seriously, just go have a look. An absolute hoot.

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